ready to master your money? 

If you've been stressing about how to do your business accounting and taxes, then you are in the right place!

You want to know what you need to do for business accounting and to pay taxes easily, as you earn, without all the confusion and surprises come tax time! 

  • What expenses should you keep track of and how?
  • Do you need to pay estimated taxes?
  • How do you get all the tax write-offs you deserve?

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IF YOU ARE STUCK wanting business finance to be LESS STRESSFUL, LESS CONFUSING, OR....

You've tried hiring a pro and using vouchers, but you still owed taxes at the end of the year and are confused; I totally understand (and will explain why!)

If you're tired of not knowing if you are doing things right for your business, you are not alone. 

You want to know what you need to do to track your business accounting and pay taxes easily, without all the confusion... 

you want more financial clarity & less overwhelm and avoidance!

So that's why I've put together this 2018 Business Spreadsheet Template & Training, so you can finally stay organized and start paying taxes as you earn!



There's a lot in there, which is why I'm only giving the worksheet out to people who sign up for the training! I don't want you wasting your time struggling on your own and the training will help you use the spreadsheet...

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“Before going through the spreadsheet template, I had several pdfs and other excel spreadsheets trying to help me calculate all of my expenses and tax information. Going through Amanda’s template was simplisticly useful for having all of the information easily calculated. I only had to enter in a few things and the rest was taken care of. The Summary and Payment tracker included is very helpful for keeping all of my confirmed quarterly payments organized in one file.”
— Victor Vento Self-Employed Consultant from Colorado

with the spreadsheet, you'll also get a live training recording, so that you can learn...

  • How to download and use my spreadsheet to calculate the amount you need to pay due June 15th, Quarter #2 of 2018, for stress & surprise free taxes at year end!
  • How to track your business accounting in a simple worksheet to calculate your business net income so that you have clarity, can use it to plan and have systems to pay yourself
  • How to follow ALL of the business requirements for paying estimated taxes, so that you aren't wasting money on penalties and interest, or your time dreading your finances!
  • About how the 2018 tax changes affect you and you will finally understand your tax calculation, so that it's no longer a dreaded complexity of business and you are confident passing it over to a pro

This training walks you through using the spreadsheet for accounting & ESTIMATED TAXes!


Amanda Russell MBA EA

Hello! I help people like you, who are struggling to organize their finances, master their money so they can grow their business confidently. My career started with the largest accounting firms in the world, but I saw a need for my expertise among people like you - the smallest business owners - who needed my help more. As a professor and tax expert, I love helping small businesses thrive. 



I WOULD LOvE TO HELP YOU do (&/or understand!) your accounting and taxes, with my spreadsheet template! 

remember, you'll also get access to a step-by-step training that will walk you through downloading the spreadsheet & how to use it for accounting and paying taxes as you earn; don't miss out! ***I answered many peoples' questions live too***

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