Let's get real about business & money ...

You can only stay in business if you make money. 

But, do you really know how much money you're making and spending, in detail? Do you understand it? Do you feel empowered by it?

Or, are you in the far more common situation of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed around your business accounting and taxes.  Even though you're making money, do you feel like you never have enough money?

Do you feel like you should keep accounting records or work with a CPA but get stuck trying? Do your records consist of piles of receipts and partially setup spreadsheets and software?

That's just the basics and a lot of people get stuck there, but if we're going to get real about business finances, we need to go a little deeper...

Do you know how much money you make from each client you have or product you sell?  Do you account for your overhead costs too? Do you know what you need to sell to break even?

Then there's technical requirements like taxes & the LLC, which require accounting records and can cause even more overwhelment and confusion... 

Do you know your monthly and quarterly net income so that you can pay estimated taxes as you earn and no stress or surprises at the end of the year?

Many people think"I just need to earn more money" but this rarely works out when you don't actually KNOW your money.

I see small business owners hit $1,000,000 and take home less money - because they don't know where there money's going or how to read their financial statements. 

Budgeting, accounting and business planning allow you to truly know your money, which can change everything about your business. 


Do you want to keep accounting records or hire an accountant, but get stuck along the way? Or, have a bookkeeper, but still checking your bank balance before you spend money?

Feeling overwealmed or confused about your accounting records, is totally normal. To know your money and keep your records, you need to master two areas...

  1. The knowledge of how to do it (or delegate this) and how to make sure you're tracking the information in a way that's meaningful to you and the decisions you have to make, and 
  2. The habits of actually doing the above skills and using the information on a regular basis... 

Sound easy enough right? Well not so fast...

Accounting is a complicated industry; just like whatever your skills are in your industry, accounting and business is the same exact way. When you hear people say, "I'll just do it myself" about your work - what do you think?  

Accounting is the language of business and a learning a language can be easy or it can be hard...

I hear people say often, "I just have to do my accounting but it will be no time at all." Of course, they never actually do it because this mindset sets them up for failure..

Most people get held back in the skills because not many people are actually teaching how to DIY or to even understand your business.

Accounting, taxes, the LLC; these are the TOOLS of business and you should feel empowered by them, not stressed out or overwealmed. 

why coaching?

Whether you want to DIY or you want things done-for-you, accounting & finance is a language; a language of your specific business. 

You can't be zapped with everything you need to know to build financial habits and use your financial information to grow. You have to develop these habits. Coaching helps you stay committed when you would otherwise stop; it's the reason you'll have success with me that you may not experience with other industry professionals. 


I've found most people tell me their intuition has played a huge role in why they started their business and the success they've had. I understand this and I explain more of my story below, but I've found that to make real changes with your relationship with money, you need to develop your intuition too. 

You develop your intuition by building habits, learning and developing your confidence and clarifying your goals and getting really honest with yourself about who you are and why things have been going the way they have. Through coaching, I ask you powerful questions; questions that allow YOU to change paradigm shifts in your business.  

There is always an opportunity for growing your business & income when you master your money & truly know it

I started working my career at 2 of the "big 4" most prestigious business accounting firms in the world. Unlike most, I didn't just focus on my specific area of expertise - I wanted to actually answer all of the questions that people working for themselves would ask me...

Most people shy away from giving their expertise for free, but working for yourself just inspired me since I was young and I always knew I would be working for myself some day. I saw how people felt that these tools of business should be simple, they shouldn't take up a ton of time from people - they need to make money! And, I agree, but no one is really simplifying things

The llc, Accounting & taxes are all related

If you ask a lawyer about your business, they'll tell you the legal side, but send you to an accountant and tax pro too. You ask an accountant a question and they'll send you to a lawyer and a tax pro too. Is this necessary? YES, certainly sometimes. 

However, for small business owners and people working for themselves, I didn't think this was right for a lot of people who don't have thousands of dollars to hire professionals. That's a situation I understand.

When it comes to the basics about self-employment and small business structures & startup; the accounting, taxes and legal sides are all interrelated 

I understood and sympathized with small business owners, unlike most of my comraderees in the industry who were frustrated with smaller business owners and wouldn't even help the self-employed. 

15 million strong (and growing) people are self-employed/small business owners in the US, creating 44 million plus jobs and I just couldn't believe that the professional business industries were neglecting these people. 

So in 2012 I went on my own and by Valentines day 2014, I had created Ut Du LLC my business dedicated to helping small business owners succeed and simplifying the TOOLS of business through alternative education.

Thank you - for bringing what you do to the world. I know you're making the world a better place and that's why I'm here to help. 

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