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You aren't sure where to start

You've spent HOURS on youtube and searching the internet, maybe you've even tried hiring a bookkeeper, but you just can't get maintaining your accounting records to happen easily, quickly and regularly!

You have limited time

You are BUSY doing everything in your business yourself. You don’t have time to waste trying to become a legal, accounting, tax or business EXPERT, or even trying to hire all of these people just to keep track of your business!

You are tired of trying to keep up with it all

You are tired of trying to keep up with ALL the technical parts of business accounting & finance --- and the stress of possibly making mistakes or getting ripped off when you hire people to help you.

You have questions..

Whenever you to work on your accounting and taxes, there are always new questions that come up!  Even when you find an answer, you often find contradictory information too! 

Tired of feeling behind!

Having your own business has consumed time and energy, and while you love what you've created, you are still wondering when you will finally get ahead of the finances!

You wish you had a simple action plan to follow

Wouldn't it be nice if you had STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS of everything that needs to be done, and when you get stuck, a way to ask questions and get help from a professional that you trust?

You are ready to setup your business accounting, but you run into a lot of questions!

How do I start with a spreadsheet for my business accounting?

How do I pay myself? How do I setup a business bank account? 

How do I get records caught up? And maintain them regularly like is required?
How do I form my business, LLC or S-corp?
I don't even have any experience with something like this. How could I ever do this?!

This seems quite difficult. I keep finding conflicting info, and I really want to understand this myself! 



I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when it comes to your accounting and taxes...

If you don't have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and never achieve success 

 Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!




It's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated by ACCOUNTING, but imagine how confident you would feel when you know your business is SETUP RIGHT and you finally UNDERSTAND it.


Why do small businesses fail? They either run out of money, or give up because they are tired of struggling with money. It's easy to put off accounting, but honestly it is the KEY to SUCCESS!

How QUICKLY can you get things done when you have step-by-step instructions and the ability to ask questions and get help as you implement? When you are making a commitment with a group to get the help you need, you also have motivation to follow through and prioritize it!

No more dreading tax time, no more shoe boxes filled with receipts, no more late nights searching for deductions, wasting time or money on tax penalties & interest... Instead, pay quarterly taxes as you earn, be tax resentment free & save MONEY!


Why would you want to be an accounting and tax expert? Wouldn't it be better if you just had a professional that you trust, who understands your business, guiding you step-by-step through what you need to know to succeed that you could move FORWARD with CLARITY.

If you wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through setting up your LLC, accounting and taxes...

You are in the right place -- That's exactly why I created the SMALL BUSINESS MBA!

The SMALL BUSINESS MBA is a live, virtual course to guide you step-by-step through setting up your business accounting records in a spreadsheet. 

But, it's also more than accounting!

Since accounting and business registration and legality and taxes, are all interrelated, we will cover ALL of the technical sides of business.

That is why this program is called a SMALL BUSINESS MBA. 

Often small businesses owners who have setup an LLC, don't actually have things structured properly which can cause problems -- this program is designed to help with that too, if you like, it's up to you!


Money is Freedom.

Imagine what it will feel like when you have eliminated confusion or even stress about your accounting and business... 

 - Your simple spreadsheet is customized for exactly your situation, with everything accounting and taxes in one place!

 - You never get stressed out and confused when tax time comes around or even just paying your monthly bills 

- You are thrilled with the unexpected freedom that comes from knowing your money and over time you actually ENJOY your daily money habit!

- You have the extra money to be able to TRAVEL more, and even take close friends or family with you!

- You get to start another business idea that you've had for a long time, without worrying about all of the basics

- Your friends and family are so impressed with how your business has developed, and tell you so!


Life Before & After Joining the Small Business MBA...


  • You wish you actually understood your LLC and knew you were doing everything correctly!
  • Are always uncertain if you are keeping accounting records correctly, or dreading keeping your records altogether!
  • Prone to procrastination and avoidance around accounting because you just can't find the help you actually need! 
  • Overall, you feel held back by accounting and forming the LLC or understanding it!


  • Feel confident about your business finances
  • Have the unexpected freedom that comes from knowing your money, and having your Income Statement & Balance Sheet reports ready to go
  • Know your LLC is setup right, and everything accounting & taxes ready to go, so that you are ready for big successes!
  • Feel prepared with everything you need to move your business forward

How Does It Work?

Through a virtual 8-week video E-course, you will be guided through forming your LLC, registering with your state(s) and setting up your accounting & taxes in a spreadsheet.  

A lot of small business owners don't keep track of their accounting because they don't know how, but this creates huge stress around accounting and taxes, and can lead to many problems including business failure. 

As a small business owner, you need to understand your accounting and know what to keep track of (even if you hire a bookkeeper)!

Money is a foundational part of your business and it's important to feel empowered by it, instead of held back or overwhelmed... or even DREAD around it!  


Course Includes:

  1. 8 weekly modules with videos, checklists, cheat sheets and templates that guide you step-by-step through setting up your accountingtaxes and maintaining your LLC & business structuring, name, trademarks & beyond...
  2. 24-7 access to concise training materials that will give you the foundation of everything you need to know about starting a small business and you can access them whenever is convenient for you 
  3. Community of participants in a similar situation to engage with & learn from in each module, which has a place where you can post comments, questions and reply to other participants
  4. Optional support and accountability (under Group Edition):
    1. Weekly group work sessions: meet with participants to go over the course materials together and apply them to your situation
    2. Weekly Office hours with Amanda (in a virtual meeting room): which creates a live learning experience since you can be live on camera and share your computer screen


Course Outline & Module Steps

In this module, you'll learn the options for structuring a business, legally and the accounting and tax implications. We'll dis-spell the myths once and for all! 

In the future, you'll know how to use business structures to capitalize on opportunities and ideas, as they come your way! ...and avoid making common mistakes that cost people big time, money, stress & even relationships.

You'll evaluate your business situation to confirm whether the LLC or Sole Proprietorship is best for you (or if another option would be better suited for you, which is less common). You'll also be clear on your tax options. 


  • CHEAT SHEET: Business Legal Types and the Accounting & Tax Implications  (when & why to choose each type of business)
  • CHECKLISTS: For forming each type of business (LLC, corporation, partnership, and beyond)
  • TEMPLATE: S-corp vs. Self-employed or Partnership Comparison


  • Answer questions to confirm if you are using the right type of business
  • Verify Your LLC is Setup Correctly & Registered in Correct States

This step is critical for EASY & FAST record keeping!

Learn the tricks of the trade, as  you create (or enhance) your virtual & paper filing systems. 

Most business owners won't do this step, that's why we focus an entire step on this setup, so that you are sure to get this right and have everything you need for EASY record keeping.


  • CHEAT SHEET: Secret steps to the best documentation system
  • CHECKLIST: Required documents to keep for legality, accounting & tax write-offs  (all in one so that you can do this quickly and efficiently!)
  • CHEAT SHEET: Audit requirements


  • Setup the physical business system for saving paperwork 
  • Virtual system 
  • Catch-up piles or transition to new system using the strategies explained


In this module, you'll check your LLC, fix things as needed, and get you setup to maintain it; so that you don't have to wonder about getting it right anymore!

  • Are You Formed & Registered in the Correct States?
  • Check Your Business Status through State Search & Form an Account (if you don't have one already)
  • Review Articles of Organization (so that you understand them) and Learn How to Change Them When You Need to


  • CHECKLIST: LLC Maintenance Steps 
  • TEMPLATE: Operating Agreement 
  • TEMPLATE: Operating Agreement Amendment (for making changes to your business)

Learn the basics of accounting, so that you actually understand what you are doing.

You'll understand the two business reports, the Balance Sheet & Income Statement and be able to add these worksheets to your spreadsheet (or use the Small Business MBA Spreadsheet)


  • TEMPLATE: The Small Business MBA version of the Business Spreadsheet Template with includes automation, the Balance Sheet, and more (also option for Multi-Member LLCs)
  • CHEAT SHEET: Accounting, Debits & Credits, and Account types
  • WORKSHEET: Business Process Map


  • Create Your Business Accounts 
  • Fill in Your Checklist for Completing Your Accounting 


In this module, we'll be doing the nitty gritty customizations so that your spreadsheet works for your business. 

There are multiple template and worksheet version to help you out, and you'll setup things like:

  • Your specific business expenses and income types
  • All of your Business Bank or Credit Card Accounts 
  • How to catch up spending that is not in Business owned accounts
  • Credit Cards or Business Loans
  • Owner pay and reimbursements (if you spend from your personal money at times)


Step-by-step through getting your records caught up for all of your income and expenses so far in your business.

Including specific instructions & tips for the following common situations:

  • Piles of Receipts
  • Importing from Bank Statements
  • Personal Spending 



Taxes have special requirements, whether it's special tax write-offs or Member Basis calculations, and there's more specific requirements for keeping track of these things.

In this module, we'll add in whatever records you need for your tax situation or setup apps that might help you keep the documentation faster (depending on your situation).


  • CHEAT SHEET: The Complete List of Tax Write-Offs
  • CHEAT SHEET: Audit Requirements & How To Work With the IRS
  • TEMPLATES: Home Office, Travel & Meals, & Vehicle Deduction

 In this module, we'll customize your quarterly tax calculation, run it and get you setup to make a payment. 

We'll also cover any other taxes that might apply to you because of your location, such as sales, locality or even excise taxes.

And of course, we'll customize the spreadsheet to account for your situation.


  • CHEAT SHEET: Calculating and paying Quarterly Taxes
  • TEMPLATES: Quarterly tax calculator & other locations
  • CHEAT SHEET, TEMPLATE & CHECKLIST: End-of-year taxes - getting them without pain! 


You'll setup paying yourself, learn about hiring employees, and get an Employer Identification Number (EIN), if needed.

Learn how to provide "perks" through your business, like health insurance, retirement contributions, and beyond...

CHEAT SHEET: How to Pay Yourself, Paying yourself in an S-corp

CHECKLIST: Hiring & Paying Employees (& S-corp)

TEMPLATE: When to form an S-corp

We'll cover all of the 'advanced' topics that small business owners often ask about:

  • Financing and getting a business loan through SBA or other avenues..
  • How to Franchise a Business
  • Ins & Outs of Buying or Selling a Business

Lastly, this week we'll cover all of your remaining questions. 


  1. Financing a Business/Growth
  2. How to Franchise a Business

CHECK LISTS: Buying & Selling a Business


Why This Course Is Unique: 


As long as this is still listed, there's still a spot available! Note: these bonuses are not included for the DIY Edition.


Get a private meeting with Amanda to ask questions or advice, whenever you need it most! 


After your first meeting, most people have follow up questions, so I'm including a 2nd meeting for free too! 


This workshop teaches you how to use evaluating your business to motivate you directly toward success. 

Your Instructor: Amanda Russell MBA MSA EA


Amanda has dedicated her business to helping small business owners succeed because she believes that the world needs what you have to offer.
Through earning an MBA degree and working at two of the "big 4" public accounting firms, Amanda gained a high-level business expertise. 
Eventually, she was burnt out and desired more personally fulfilling work. She attempted to leave the accounting industry for good, but saw an opportunity to use what she had learned to help small business owners, who were struggling.
Through starting her own business, and coaching small business owners, she has learned about the personal struggles that small business owners face and how to help them grow their business anyway. She focuses on the importance of money management & mastery.
After giving away the business spreadsheet template, she's gotten many requests for more help. The Small Business MBA is a response to the requests for more help.  
"I believe that business should be taught in schools because  everyone should feel supported by our systems to create the change that they want to see in the world, to make money off what they are passionate about or the expertise they have, and to create and make the world a better place. I hope you join me in my Small Business MBA!"

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Remember, the BONUS MEETINGS for the first 10 people are still available if listed.

Course + Support



8 Module Video E-course

24-7 Access & Interactive Q&A Online

PDF Workbooks with Templates, Checklists & Cheat Sheets

BONUS TRAINING: Growing Your Business

Live Office Hours with Amanda to Ask Questions in a Virtual Meeting Room 

BONUS FOR FIRST 10 REGISTRATIONS: Two 1-on-1 Virtual Meetings with Amanda


With Amanda



Group Edition Plus:

Onboarding Weekly Check-Ins

1 LLC & DBA Filing 

Customized Spreadsheet & 2019 Catch Up Help

*Small add on fees for additional situations 

**Must complete course + module questions each week



"It was outstanding! The spreadsheet for tracking my business expenses, quarterly taxes, balance sheet, etc. was just what I needed. Having the ability to talk directly with Amanda and get her advice was worth way more than I paid for the class! 

Hand holding by Amanda to get the spreadsheet right made all the difference...You can read all the books you want, but being able to ask a question to someone who knows what they are doing was a huge plus."

Course Participant Testimonial Tom N. from PA


"There's no doubt about Amanda being a good instructor - she works hard on assignments and videos, teaches the difficult topics and it's clear that she really cares. I never miss her class because I just enjoy her teaching and the environment. She forces everyone to ask questions and you just learn so much. I've never had an instructor like this. I highly recommend her to students and anyone who wants to learn business. "

Jacob Lee

"Amanda guided me through starting my business; creating my LLC, getting business insurance and things like that. I tried to do them on my own, but I had so many questions and Amanda knew every answer. If I had only found her sooner. She would also help me with literally getting sales started. She would ask me questions about what I really wanted and then would lay out options for how to proceed. She would guide me through choosing what I really wanted to do next, and often she would call me out when I was stalling. This was good because I didn't expect this when I first started my business; I didn't expect some things to be so hard to get through. Sometimes I doubted her, but I can tell you that she has a knack for knowing what to do and guiding you to choose what's best for you."

Joshua Hammond

"Thank you for creating this! I'm so grateful to find you and that you created uTDu and this course [prior offering]. I needed to know these things but everything made me more confused than before. "

Emma Reidling
Prior Course/Online Business Owner

"Before going through the spreadsheet template, I had several pdfs and other excel spreadsheets trying to help me calculate all of my expenses and tax information. Going through Amanda’s template was simplisticly useful for having all of the information easily calculated. I only had to enter in a few things and the rest was taken care of. The Summary and Payment tracker included is very helpful for keeping all of my confirmed quarterly payments organized in one file.""

Victor Vento
1-on-1 Meeting/Self-Employed Consultant

Should You Join?


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a contractor or small business owner, struggling with accounting and taxes, then yes this course is going to be perfect for you. 

If you've downloaded (or intend to download) my business spreadsheet template but you still feel overwhelmed about how to actually use it for everything and customize it -- then I made this course exactly to help you through the details. 

Also, the free spreadsheet is a basic version, but this course includes other templates that you should use for your Balance Sheet and tax write-offs. 

If you've fallen behind, again, I made this course for that situation. Even if you want to use accounting software in the future, you need to get everything organized and updated first, and I will help you do that in this course -- while helping you setup the systems you need to succeed in your business (whether you hire an accountant or DIY or use software or a spreadsheet).


If you still have questions about if this course is right for you, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Yes, this course includes specific training and help for getting caught up quickly.  If you go to a typically tax firm, you still have to do the work of getting your records together. From experience, I know that this can be the hardest part and it's usually hard to delegate it to someone. Having help and accountability in this course can make all the difference.

The GROUP EDITION is setup to be able to get Amanda's help each week. This is critical for your success because every single nuance cannot be covered in the training (you wouldn't want it that way), so you are going to get a ton of value out of office hours with Amanda. Even if you are a self learner, plan to stop by at least a few of the office hours for feedback. 

If you are completely overwhelmed by the spreadsheet or if you absolutely dread catching up your accounting or if you are super business with your work, then the DONE-FOR-YOU EDITION is a way to get everything done quickly. This is a fabulous price considering may professionals charge $2,000 just to set up an LLC. 

If you participate in the class and follow the all of the steps, you will be setup for immense ease and clarity around accounting, taxes and your LLC.  

Yes, during the 8 weeks, you will be able to ask questions as follows:

    • Within the online course platform, you can ask questions anytime.
    • Once a week, you can ask questions or share your screen in Office Hours with Amanda, so you can get feedback as you apply the course
    • If you cannot attend office hours, you can ask questions and Amanda will answer them during office hours
    • Same as above
    • Plus there is a weekly & fluid communication process with Amanda and her staff as you complete the questionnaires and work is done-for-you


No, not if you change your mind, but yes you can get your money back if I don't deliver. Allow me to explain...

No, due to the nature of this program, I do not offer a money back guarantee. Since you can see me and get to know me on youtube, I didn't feel like it was a fair exchange to offer refunds.

In courses, the group takes on a vibe and it's much better if everyone is committed! 

Let's face it, accounting & taxes are easy to avoid. Once you make the commitment, I want you to stay committed and make progress (whereas if you knew you had the option to return the course, commitment could waiver...).

Plus, this course is seriously CHEAP -- considering everything you are getting out of it!

On the other hand, you are protected by Consumer Protection Laws. If I do not provide you what is explained on this page (and in our terms), then you are entitled to your money back. All you need to do is contact your payment provider (like a credit card company or bank, but credit cards are typically easier to work with). 


Based on my experiences working extensively with small businesses, yes it's best for all small business owners to get their records setup and started themselves

Otherwise, business owners don't understand their accounting, what needs to be done to keep records or have the systems setup to work with an accountant... All this leads to either:

  1. Continuous struggles with the accountant, AND/OR
  2. Can't use the accounting and metrics to grow their business

Both are pretty bad outcomes and they can waste tons of time and money.

If you decide that you will hire a bookkeeper - fine, but do this course first and save yourself the agony!

There are no live classes this round, but there are live office hours in the GROUP EDITION and DONE-FOR-YOU EDITION.

Instead of doing classes live, I've condensed the material into steps with video training and a module workbook. 

A module becomes available each week on the E-course and you can access them at your convenience. 

Office hours will begin on Thursday September 5th at 11 AM PST / 4 PM EST.

If you can't make the office hours, you can submit your questions ahead of time and hear the answers in the recordings. The recordings will be available online, by the end of the day following the office hours.  

Each module covers a step(s) for setting up your business correctly.  The video training times varies each week, but are as condensed as possible.

Each module will be released on Sunday night at midnight, with Office Hours following on Thursday.  

How much time you spend will depend on your situation, but I'd recommend planning to spend 1-2 hours per week on the course content, plus the time it will take you to implement (which is really dependent on how you do things - many people can do the course and implement in 1-2 hours per week total).  

You should choose the edition to join based on what you are trying to accomplish and how it's gone so far (or how you feel about it).

I'd recommend the GROUP EDITION if:

  • You want to do everything yourself; customize your spreadsheet, catch up your accounting records, check your LLC and fill in the gaps
  • you want accountability to assure that you take action 
  • you are motivated by working with people who are doing the same steps that you are
  • you often have questions and would like to be able to get live help from Amanda about your situation 
  • Ultimately, you want to do the E-course each week and apply it on your own, and have access to Amanda in a small group at "Office Hours"

If you are busy working in your business or you just don't want to do anything yourself, I recommend the DONE FOR YOU EDITION.

With this service, you still take the class, so that you understand the decisions you are making, but you don't need to implement many steps yourself - we do it for you. 

Have more questions?

Email me directly at [email protected]

Have a payment or technical question? 

Email support at [email protected] 

Hope to see you soon!


No, the free spreadsheet focused on the bare minimum for accounting and taxes.

In order for the free spreadsheet to be useful -- it needs to be customized. This is where many people get stuck!

And that's the focus of this course; it's not just information, it's implementation.

That being said - the course includes upgraded versions of the spreadsheet and other worksheet templates, including:

  • Balance Sheet report
  • Automatic spreadsheet version based on entry
  • Tax Write Off worksheets for the Home Office, Vehicle expenses and Travel Expenses
  • Partner Inside & Outside Basis for Multi-Member LLCs 
  • S-corp comparison 

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