About Me


Through earning a Masters in Professional Accounting, an MBA and working at two of the "big 4" public accounting firms, PriceWaterHourseCoopers and KPMG, Amanda gained a high-level business accounting & tax expertise.
Eventually, after 80 hour weeks, she had a burn out and decided it was imperative to find more fulfilling work, where she felt like she was having a positive impact in the world. She began working with small businesses, companies that service small businesses (like Intuit) and teaching accounting & tax courses at colleges, universities and for business organizations. 
She was disturbed by the way that small business owners were underserved by the professional services (accounting, taxes and law). Through education and the internet, she saw an opportunity to use what she had learned to serve smaller businesses. 


Believing that small businesses have a growing role in solving societies problems, Amanda is deeply supportive of businesses that make human life sustainable and believe in zero impact. She's fulfilled by helping small business owner's, like you, experience less struggle.
Her philosophy is to meet business owners where they are at, through online training courses, tools, programs and business coaching. If you are ready to grow your business and master your finances, you are in the right place!

Youtube: The Business Finance Coach

Email: contactus@utdu.info

Location: Formed in NH, operating virtually 


Small businesses are the future, and I work to help them succeed faster, by simplifying all areas of complexity and supporting leaders & game-changers. 

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