• So that you don't run into those situations that make you question if you are doing things right - or missing out on something! You've got to learn some things that you don't know you need to know to get there...

  • When you not only have your accounting and tax records organized, but you also understand exactly what to do in certain situations and how the IRS works - you have zero fear or stress around the IRS!

  • It can weigh on your shoulders and stress you out to be behind, and most accounting firms take your money without telling you that you need to get them all of the information (so they don't help you with what you are really stuck on), but you can end this when you have access to the information you need...

  • Without your systems setup and learning a basic level of understanding, the accounting will always be a mess and/or a headache - even with the perfect bookkeeper!

  • You need to have systems setup and learn the accounting basics, with exactly what you need to know to make it all work for you!

  • When it comes to accounting and taxes, it's impossible to not have questions and you just want to be able to have someone to ask your questions who will actually explain the answer, so that you can keep moving forward...


  • I believe you deserve exactly this -- plus, a plan based on your exact questions and situation, so that you can get this done without wasting any time!

Mark T from Canada

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for everything that you did for me. It is so appreciated.  I am so grateful that you came into my life ....


My business is now organized and easy to take care of.  I am not an accountant but the way you set up the spreadsheets, I am actually ahead of my accountant. I know exactly what he is going to do before he does something. 


You know that I haven't been so lucky with accountants before you showed up in my life. Wow! Now I've got one of the best accountants, in my opinion, to help me get organized in my business and to help me see the true numbers that run my business. 


You took my hand and walked me down the road. You showed me how easy it is to stay on top of my books and my company.  Because of that I now see how I can grow the company to where I would like it to be. 

Tom N from PA

It was outstanding! The spreadsheet for tracking my business expenses, quarterly taxes, balance sheet, etc. was just what I needed. Having the ability to talk directly with Amanda and get her advice was worth way more than I paid for the class! 


Hand holding by Amanda to get the spreadsheet right made all the difference...You can read all the books you want, but being able to ask a question to someone who knows what they are doing was a huge plus."