The Business Finance Incubator: Master Your Money

Accounting, Taxes, Legality & Business Planning; rolled into one package, designed for the self-employed, small business owner

Over many years, I realized that I could never accomplish my goal of providing you with pain free taxes, without also helping you:

1. Form, and register, your business legally (& accurately),

2. Setup your organization systems (so that you are organized and not stressed out),

3. Keep financial records, including both personal and business accounting records, &

4. Use a budget to pay taxes as you earn, make business decisions & plan your business growth.

The point of all this money organization and effort on your part, is not just for taxes; it’s to grow your business and achieve financial freedom — instead of being stressed out about paying bills, debts or splurging on yourself occasionally (as you know that you + your family deserve!), or just continually dreading the technicalities of business.

The Business Finance Incubator is a 6-month, group coaching program, which includes done-for-you taxes and done-with-you accounting, personal finance & business planning.

This program helps you truly master your money so that you can ditch dread and overwhelm, and instead can achieve the financial clarity, support & freedom that you deserve to increase your wealth and grow your business.

You may have noticed…

  1. It’s not that easy to DIY legal jargon, or afford a lawyer, or find a lawyer you get along with. Even if you do manage to find someone, often the amount of time they give you is never enough to give you clarity and confidence…

  2. Hiring a bookkeeper can take up way more of your time than it’s worth… This relationship can be difficult to cultivate and even cause your records to be less accurate because it takes so much time to send everything to a bookkeeper (and you have no idea what’s happening on the other end or what the reports mean)…

  3. The date at which you think stress about your finances will go away, never seems to come. Regardless of the amount of money you make, money continues to feel tight… Or, you feel like you’ve hit an “income plateau” and you just can’t seem to take home and keep more money. You have plenty of ideas, but you just cannot wait for the day when you can be truly free from money concerns.

  4. It’s easy to fall behind on accounting and/or tax filings. Falling behind on business technicalities can cause so much dread and overwhelm that people simply continue to avoid the tasks. Often people don’t realize how much these negative emotions are actually lingering in the back of their mind and holding them back; until they get the relief of resolving them.


if you are committed to your business; you owe it to yourself to remove the stress, avoidance and dread around business & personal finance.

Money is the foundation of your business, but you must prioritize it and now you have a solution to help you do so: the business finance incubator


do you desire too…

  • Have paying taxes feel like it did back when you were a good ole’ employee? I can help you pay taxes as you earn, so that it is painless, and there is nothing to fix later on, or dread for that matter…

  • Not feel like you are missing out on secret tax write offs, or so confused and overwhelmed by taxes that they make you angry, and instead know that you are getting everything you deserve and spend LESS time even thinking about taxes at all…

  • Achieve financial freedom so that you can make decisions based on what you desire, not what you have the money for? Be honest. Do you desire to eliminate all stress around money? Have you put your desires aside because you think it’s impossible? It’s not. Knowing the situation, gives you the power to do something about it.

  • Grow your business into the next-level vision that you have? You can do this on a bigger and better scale when business technicalities, like wondering if your business is registered correctly or your accounting and taxes, aren’t looming in the back of your mind. Business planning skills are imperative.

Sounds good amanda, how does it work?

how do you provide a great tax experience and support my accounting & master of finance?

Timeline — first 12-weeks: setup last 12-weeks: build habits, address things that come up, submit taxes, implement using a business plan

Components — weekly meetings, video e-course with checklists, templates and cheat sheets, coaching software which allows me to know exactly where you are at and keep you on track/prevent you from falling behind/etc. Easy tax submission (when we setup your accounting, we prepare all reports and info that you need for taxes and go over exactly how and where to submit it, you also get reminders)



are you thinking: amanda, you have my attention, but how does this work? what is the timeline for how you actually help me with accounting, taxes, legality &

After working with hundreds of specifically — successful, self-employed, small business owners — the following process has been proven to help you achieve money mastery and business growth, as streamlined as possible:

#1 the first 12 weeks: assure your legal business is setup right (form a llc, elect s-corp status, etc.) and setup your accounting system (& catchup any records you are behind on)

You’ll get general information in an e-course each week, and then discuss your personal situations and actually do the work of setup during the live zoom room meetings, each week — where you are live on camera, can share your screen and go into break out rooms to work. Should you form an LLC, elect S-corp status, file a trademark, register in a state, etc.; you’ll be guided step-by-step.


Because we’ve addressed all areas of your finances, we are in a situation where we can actually do your taxes - the right way, saving you the most money. The entire process is online and you’ll get a video review your return, which you need to watch before signing your return for E-file submission. You’ll also be setup for ease in the years’ to come!

#3 The last 12 weeks: build the habits of financial freedom (through using a budget & business plan)

Now that your business and systems are setup right, we provide the support to build habits for success with your finances. This program is not just about giving you information in an e-course (although you do get that and templates, checklists & cheatsheets to keep!); it’s about helping you USE that information and apply it in your business. Now, the focus is on your business plan and translating that plan into financial estimates, so that you can make the best choices to grow your business. You’ll also be supported to evaluate your business plan implementation, which is a core part of growing your business.

#1 SETUP my “BUSINESS FILING SYSTEM” to Stay Organized, EASILY - forevermore.

A simple organization system goes a long way. Why figure out your own way when you can learn from others who have struggled and been successful before you? This is something I CONTINUE to use in my own business & personal life.

#2 Plan Your business entities & actually set them up! (or Assure Your Setup Correctly)

Learn the best way to setup your business(es) & investments for your specific situation, so that you can save taxes and be a savvy business owner… Should you form an LLC, elect S-corp status, file a trademark? Here we address state registrations and all the legalities, ending the legal business setup struggles for good…

#4 Setup Your custom & automated Accounting System, with step-by-step support.

Setup your business accounting records, so that it’s as convenient as possible to charge your clients and maintain your records. You’ll setup records that are actually meaningful to you and help you make decisions.

#3 Setup your personal finances, and learn how to Achieve MONEY FREEDOM

Create your personal balance sheet, understand &/or setup your best retirement options and learn about alternative investments and passive income. Understand where you are, and define where you want to go & how you’ll get there.

#6 save the tax report template & quickly submit your tax information for preparation

Because we’ve addressed all areas of your finances, we are in a situation where we can actually do your taxes - the right way, saving you the most money. The entire process is online and you’ll get a video review your return, which you need to watch before signing your return for E-file submission.

#5 build the habit of keeping records updated regularly, & catchup past years!

Even if you want to delegate accounting to an assistant or bookkeeper (or us! as you grow), it’s super important that you do it yourself first. I promise. We’ll also help you get caught up, in workshop sessions with other people, in the same boat (not by yourself, late night, wanting to die, missing deductions with endless questions :)