an accounting & tax service made for self-employed businesses

if you are tired of…

  • …dreading doing your taxes, all year long

  • …wondering what you will owe in taxes

  • …struggling to keep your accounting records up-to-date, accurately

  • …visiting tax or accounting professionals who cannot answer your questions clearly or tell you that you have things setup wrong or you cannot deduct certain expenses that you thought you could

  • …searching for a better tax pro, and/or bookkeeper, so that you can have better money experiences

  • …thinking you know your business, but honestly feeling disorganized and stressed about your bank balance

  • …wanting financial freedom and to grow your business

if you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you are in the right place!

Business Setup, Accounting & Taxes: all in One


as a small Business owner, doing everything yourself, you need these parts of business provided together, so that you can get them right! because…

  • … The type of business you form — Single or Multi-Member LLC, Sole-Proprietor, or S-corp — impacts how you do your accounting and your taxes

  • …Where you register your business, impacts how you do your taxes

  • Tax write-offs are based, on and dependent on, your accounting records

As you can see, it only makes sense!

And, as a bonus, it makes our services more cost effective.


accounting & Tax Services for Self-employed, lLCs, & S-corps

Our accounting & tax services are virtual and efficient, while providing more

You have a virtual portal where you can securely upload tax documents & easily access your returns, when you need them

We use tax time as an opportunity to focus on financial clarity and education, so that you can improve your business & personal finance.

There are 3 phases of our services. You must start with phase #1, but phase #2 and phase #3 are optional.

  • My services are specially designed for the self-employed — we help you get setup for success, and then do accounting and/or taxes yourself or hire us as you go.

  • Decide as you go, no need to decide upfront and you pay as you go! There’s no risk for you.

how does it work?

phase #1: get setup for success, setup (& catchup) accounting records & tax specific deductions

everything that needs to happen for you to gain clarity and ease around accounting & taxes combined into 5 steps. (these first 5 steps get you setup to get your taxes done, but it doesn’t end here :) )

Over the first 5-weeks, we’ll help you:

  1. Setup my SECRET SYSTEM for business filingend the piles of receipts (and lost receipts) for good, without this system (or a similar one that we discuss)—the pain will never end and that’s what I’m here to help with! :)

  2. Review or complete your state registrations/LLC formationyou’ll correct them, review legal requirements, form the LLC or elect s-corp status, as we determine applicable for your situation

  3. Setup your accounting system and report templates for taxesdepending on your business specifics, we’ll setup an accounting system that’s appropriate for you or review what you have, spreadsheet, Xero or Pie or QB Self-employed, this includes your accounts and Income Statement & Balance Sheet Templates, so that you can quickly and easily run them for taxes

  4. Catchup past years records QUICKLY!with tips (and a follow up meeting) from a pro, you can get this done much faster than on your own, but this is where you can decide to hire us and we can take over for you!

  5. Setup apps and catchup records for tax specific deductions — mileage log template for the driving deduction, home office deduction, meals & travel, and research & development

After starting my career at 2 of the “big 4” public accounting firms, and spending the last 6 years specializing in small businesses, EVERY small business that I have encountered — needs help with these steps — even when the business owner doesn’t realize it. Even if you may not think you need help with some steps, if any part of you feels/thinks that I can help you, then I would encourage you to consider our accounting and tax services.

if you are ready to end the stress, or dreading, or rushing, or forgetting, about aspects of your business finance — then let us help you take the 5 steps & get the help you need, once and for all! you won’t regret it…

What happens next?

phase #2: Get your taxes done!

we can do them for you, or you can do them yourself and participate in a group DIY workshop or however take them to someone else.. decide after phase #1. with or without us, it’s up to you!

phase #3: ongoing accounting & tax support:

  • Meet

i provide tax services to help you grow your business.

my processes empower you with the tools of business so that you can grow wealth & achieve goals. 

I created my tax process because my consulting clients needed a better experience than anyone I could find to refer them too. It's gone wonderfully. So now, because I know you need this too, I'm extending my tax service offer to you...

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Ready to achieveYOUR next level?

If you are ready to master your finances and grow your business, let's start with your taxes!